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Alex Hogan

Alex Hogan (CEO)

I’ve been around long enough to be immersed in the uses and abuses of digital technologies. I have been a visiting researcher at the Oxford University Internet Institute, a visiting consultant with Google Jigsaw’s counter-disinformation group in New York City and contributed a propaganda bot as an exhibit to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition “The Future Starts Here”.

We are currently living through a fundamental transformation in how people understand and value privacy in their digital spaces. There is a growing debate on the issue of data privacy, including high profile news stories, books and films, alongside court cases, government reviews and regulatory initiatives. Add to this the intense pressures exerted by the COVID-19 pandemic and it is clear that the status quo cannot persist. It is my conviction that it is possible to deliver effective, scalable digital services which are not based on the monetisation or sharing of client data. I am so proud of the team we have put together to make this mission our reality.

Tom Aldridge (Sales Manager)


Hi my name is Tom, I am the sales manager for Kuva. My journey began back in 2014 when I joined the sales team at Sunbelt Rentals and went on to spend six successful years in the plant hire industry. I recently moved to Wales to be with my family, where I am now a proud member of the Kuva team. I am responsible not only for welcoming clients but for helping people understand how important their digital privacy and security is. Privacy means a lot to me, I don’t like the thought of random people seeing and using my confidential information.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling to Villa park to watch my beloved Aston Villa Football Club.

Beth Hogan

Beth Hogan (Chief Creative Officer)


Hello! My name is Beth and I am the Kuva Chief Creative Officer. My background is as a creative consultant for tech and digital project support for the arts. I have a huge cat named Floki and enjoy playing my Cello, Marcella.

Stephanie Moran (Research and Business Development Officer)


Research and business development for Kuva involves listening to our existing and future customers to understand their online safeguarding and security needs. As a former Librarian for over a decade in public and academic libraries, I feel very strongly about the ethical use of information. We are at a critical point, at this time when so many sensitive services are moving online. I believe that the choices we are making now, as a society, will affect the whole future of personal privacy.

When I’m not researching, talking and listening to people about online privacy, I can be found writing a PhD about molluscs in science fiction and practicing Taekwondo.

Tom Barrington

Tom Barrington (Chief Technical Officer)


Keen enthusiast of technologies that help us to understand and re-imagine this bizarre world we’ve been dealt. With over 10 years of experience working as a full stack web developer and project manager, I have had the privilege of working with an amazing array of creative and multi-disciplined teams to create truly innovative and exciting products and ventures.
During the first two decades of this millennium I have been witness to a phenomenal level of digitalisation, the impact of which has had both seen and unforeseen consequences on society and our individual lives. Most notable but unnoticeable of these is the rapid expansion of the digital surveillance economy. As Chief Technical Officer at Kuva it’s my job to oversee the direction and development of technologies and services that shield and educate our customers and their clients as they face-off against the digital economy.

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